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For a limited time Software Forge Inc. extends a very special offer to business customers.

Until offer expires. Qualified business customers may purchase Enterprise wide license to use LinuxCAD v 2.0 for only $1999 per single location.

How does this offer work:

  1. Customers who will take advantage of this offer obtain the legal right to use an unlimited number of copies of LinuxCAD v 2.0 at any single location. You must purchase two LinuxCAD licenses for use in two different locales (ie cities).

  2. Upgrades by electronic download are included at no additional cost until January 2001.

  3. Technical support will be provided for all copies (via e-mail).

  4. This offer is temporary only and may be cancelled at any time at our sole discretion.

  5. This offer is valid only for Intel version of LinuxCAD.

  6. Copies will be electronically delivered ( by ftp ), those wishing the physical copies of the software will incur additional expenses.