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Software Forge Inc. provides installation and consulting services related to our LinuxCAD technology.

    Some customers may find it diffictult to install Linux or to get X-Windows system working. They may not wish to do this themselves. For customers who are interested in purchasing the hardware and software system with Linux/X-windows/LinuxCAD preinstalled we offer the following:

  1. We can purchase the hardware and software for you according to your specifications, but will choose the brand names and manufacturers to make sure the hardware is the most standard and is compatible with Linux.
  2. We can preinstall the licensed brand name Linux of our choice, the licensed brand name X-windows high performance display server, and the latest version of LinuxCAD.
  3. Our charge would be the hardware cost and only $400 for preinstalling the software of the Linux line and shipping the system back to you.
  4. As a result you will have a dual boot system (Linux and Microsoft Windows 95 or 98) and LinuxCAD and X window system up and running in your Linux partition.
  5. We guarantee high quality and among the lowest marketplace prices of the hardware we ship. You would receive accurate itemized estimates (with explanation) of all charges before commiting to this arrangement.

Software Forge Inc. provides assistance to CAD application development companies in adopting their applications to LinuxCAD. This includes implementation of new features specific to your product or exposing new API.

Software Forge Inc. offers LinuxCAD for embedding in a third party applications. Where the need exists this gives graphics editing features to the user.

Software Forge offers very affordable consulting services to speed up the LinuxCAD implementation in your company or department (which may include: creation of custom applications, integration of the LinuxCAD drawings with databases, programming of some extra features for importing from non standard or unsupported data formats, adding support for unsupported or non-standard devices, localization of linuxCAD for national markets, ADOPTING YOUR HOMEGROWN AUTOCAD APPLICATIONS TO LINUXCAD). We also can do drawing conversions for you.

Software Forge Inc. also offers Business Application development services not related to LinuxCAD. Our profile is C/C++ DEVELOPMENT FOR UNIX (including for Transaction Processing and 3 tier architectures, CORBA and Internet technologies). We use proprietary high performance POST OBJECT ORIENTED DEVELOPMENT TECHNOLOGY to deliver unmatched quality solutions to our clients.

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