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AuthorMartin Pesch
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About 1by1 2.02 For PC

1by1 allows you to manage and play your audio files directly from the folders.

This means that you don't need to create playlists or spend time waiting for the program to make and maintain large databases of audio files. Browse to the album folder and click on Play. 1by1 will then play each track individually. You can play all tracks from a drive. 1by1 also remembers the position and track it played and will resume where it left off.

Too basic? If you require more power, there are other options. You can also shuffle your playback order and choose to skip certain tracks. You can also save favorite tracks to your Favourites, and you have playlist and cue support.

The real attraction of 1by1 is its small size and low use system resources. For example, our computer used less than 5MB RAM (Private Work Set), even while playing MP3. This makes it a great choice for those with older or weaker computers.

Oneby1 is the ideal choice if you are tired of heavy audio players and want something simple and lightweight.