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ABLE RAWer 1.7 for PC

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About ABLE RAWer 1.7 For PC

ABLE RAWer allows you to import RAW files from your digital camera (crw and cr2 nef formats, raw, pef and raf), perform basic processing, and then save them as a shareable format like JPG and PNG.

You can search for images in the Explorer-like left pane of the program. We thought it was a problem and navigated to the RAW folder. However, ABLE Rawer only displayed file names, not thumbnails. The preview window would open if you double-click the file name. That didn't work either. You will need to choose a folder and click on an image to be selected. Then click on a "Load" link to the file.

There are a few options once you get started. You can adjust the image's colour, brightness, white balance and sharpness automatically with many tools. There are many filters and effects available (Bump Map Lens Wave, Lens and others).

There isn't much else. ABLE RAWer had five options, which led us to believe there would be lots to choose from. However, only one menu offered any useful information. It's not a very powerful tool.

Although the file browser is terrible, it did open our RAW test files with no problems. There are a few filters that can be applied to make your life easier, and ABLE RAWer will help you learn this very quickly.