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Accord CD Ripper Free v6.8.8 for PC

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CategoryAudio, Video & Photo
AuthorAccmeware Corporation
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About Accord CD Ripper Free v6.8.8 For PC

With the advent of MP3 players like the iPod, the CD is almost gone. However, there are still many CDs that people have kept in their collections. These can either be used to preserve the memories or be sold to raise money. It is also a good idea to keep a copy of your music in MP3 format, so it can be listened to on the go.

Windows Media Player or iTunes are both capable of ripping audio from CDs. However, these large and cumbersome pieces of software can make it difficult to use. A dedicated CD ripper might be your best choice if speed is important to you.

This is precisely what Accord CD Ripper free is. You can use this free program to convert audio CDs to.wav and MP3 files. Additionally, you have full control of the process to ensure that you set quality settings according to your needs. This software was optimized to make use of multicore processors.

While it is great to rip CDs, MP3s can be of limited use if the tracks aren't properly labelled. Accord CD Ripper Free has the ability to use the online CDDB, which can generate ID3 tags for tracks and add metadata. It is simple to use and has few additional features. However, the software does its job well.

This CD Ripper is a simple, unobtrusive tool that works faster than iTunes or Media Player but lacks some of the features.