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About Adapter For PC

Adapter offers free video downloading and conversion tools, especially on the PC platform. However, it has a few unique features that set it apart from its overcrowded competition. First, it is designed for Mac platforms. These freebies tend to be much more limited. It also offers trimming options that allow you to trim as little as you like the beginning and ending of your video or audio conversions.

Although the functionality of both platforms is similar, the interface for Mac and Windows is quite different. Although the PC version is a bit clunky, the Mac version blends in much more well with OS X's design and feels. This may be due to the fact that Mac development has been intensely focused on this platform.

Adapter will automatically install the necessary packages to make the software work.

Drag and drop files in a variety of formats to the Converter window. This window is divided into three tabs, Video, Audio, and Image on Windows. Or switch to the Downloader to search for online videos to download. Adapter can support a variety of formats. While it defaults at YouTube, you don't have to use that browser. You can also go searching for other sources using its integrated web browser.

You have three choices for the output of this app: directly to iTunes, same as source directory or into your preferred folder. Choose from a variety of presets available - The latest Mac builds support the Apple TV and iPad formats. While the PC supports Kindle Fire and Apple TV, the PC also offers an option for Kindle Fire. You can adjust your settings if you need to and allow the app do the conversion.

The conversion process is quick and optimized for any device on which you intend to watch it. Adapter offers many customizable settings for people who need them, as well as support for a variety of output and input formats, including Flash and AVI (which are rare on Mac), making it a valuable addition to any video converter toolkit.

This is a decent way to download and convert a variety of video content onto your Mac or PC. And it's all free.