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About beaTunes 5.2.28 For PC

BeaTunes can be used as a companion for iTunes and is capable of detecting and resolving many library issues, creating well-matched playlists and importing lyrics.

The program will instantly import your iTunes library and start searching for problems. You might find multiple spellings of the same artist, duplicate files, misspelled albums names, seldom used genres and mismatched release dates. Songs belonging to different years or albums could be grouped together. These errors will be displayed in the trial, however you can purchase a license to correct them.

BeaTunes has the ability to use MusicIP fingerprinting technology (so long as your files are not DRM protected) to identify files that have ambiguous names like 01-track.mp3. This will give files meaningful names and also set tags.

It can also analyse your beats per hour and the tonal keys of your songs. This information is used to help you create playlists that are compatible with each other. If you already have a lot of playlists, beaTunes can sort them to ensure that the most-matched songs follow one another.

BeaTunes offers many other features such as the ability to import lyrics from Lyricsfly and organize your library using del.icio.us tags. You can also create blogger.com entries with songs you love or playlists.

BeaTunes, an iTunes accessory is interesting. We found the matching playlists to work well, and we think that anyone who has a large and cumbersome iTunes library will find the library inspection features useful.