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Brave Browser 1.38.119 for PC

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About Brave Browser 1.38.119 For PC

Brave, a web browser which is proud of its privacy and security features, can be found here. It boasts it is three times faster than Chrome and that it provides "better protection against Google and Big Tech". This is somewhat ironic as it is built on the same Chromium engine that powers Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. However, the developers' claims seem to be solid.

What does Brave actually have to offer you?

The browser's Chromium engine is used to enable Chrome extensions to improve your browsing experience. But what is really important is Brave's offering out of the box? The browser blocks ads and tracks your online movements as you surf the internet. This is in the interest of privacy. It is a way to increase privacy and speed up web surfing.

Brave, like all browsers has a privacy option. This allows you to not only ensure that your browsing history does not get recorded but also lets you open Tor websites for total privacy.

You can keep track of Brave's effectiveness by opening a new tab. This will show you statistics on the amount of blocked ads and saved data. It may surprise you how fast these numbers jump.

Brave has a private search engine that allows you to search the internet without worrying about your search history being misused. Brave search is owned by the same company who makes Brave browser. It offers complete privacy.

Brave's ad-blocker can be set up to permit certain ads that comply with privacy standards. Brave can make money by allowing privacy-preserving advertisements to be displayed. Users who enable the option will receive rewards.

You can also access a browser-native cryptocurrency wallet to manage all your crypto needs. You can buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies from this one-stop shop without having to use an app or rely on third-party websites.

Brave, in addition to its Windows-friendly version, is available also for the Intel and Apple Silicon macOS versions. You can also get the Linux version of Brave. Details on how to download it for different distros are available here.

Brave's base on Chromium could be seen both as a blessing or a curse. However, it allows for compatibility with extensions and websites, and ensures that Brave updates are frequent and quick. It is a positive thing to place emphasis on privacy. Tor connectivity has been included which is a great addition.