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Buddhabrot 1.2 for PC

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AuthorRichard Rosenman


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About Buddhabrot 1.2 For PC

Buddhabrot, a fractal exploration tool in the form a free Photoshop filter and Paint.NET filters that support 8bf files. It can't be used standalone.

It's not yet another Mandelbrot-clone. It uses Melinda Green’s custom rendering method, where the pixels are colored according to how dense they are. This is how often a sample touches the same spot. For stunning examples, see the Grab and the.

There are many parameters that can be adjusted as usual for this type of application. You can create Buddhabrot or Nebulabrot versions for the Mandelbrot, Tricorn and Burning Ship fractals by using alternative 4D projection planes and complete colour control.

Alternativly, click the RND button if you find the math too complex. This will randomize the parameters to produce different images each time.

The package can be used in any way you like. According to the developer, Buddhabrot has the ability to produce "extremely high resolution fractures" of over 900 megapixels. You might be best to begin with something small, since super-sized images can take a while to create. However, Buddhabrot will at most make use of all cores on your CPU to maximize performance.

Buddhabrot, an uncommon fractal explorer that can create some stunning images but is based in a Photoshop filter makes it difficult to use.