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Darcy SEO Checker 1.0.2 for PC

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About Darcy SEO Checker 1.0.2 For PC

Darcy SEO Checker, a Java-based program, checks sites for "SEO related" issues such as broken links, URL problems and URL errors, URL problems and meta tags, bad performance and many other things.

(Despite "SEO", we don't have the ability to show you how your website ranks for different tags. We'd rather look elsewhere if this is what you want.

It works just like other web spiders. You can create one job and enter the target URL. The program then scans the entire site scanning simultaneously (5 by default).

You'll receive a website speed rating of 100 upon completion. An "SEO Overall Statistics” pane displays the errors found in different categories. These include Status Codes (3**), 4** and 5** errors, Link Issues (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and Page Title Issues (2, 4, 6, 8**).

At first, you will only see the error for each type. The icon beside each type will display a table that contains URLs. However, the free version doesn't allow you to export your results. It can scan a maximum 25 URLs.

There are many job configuration options available if you do not want everything to be downloaded. The scan can be restricted by file size, link depth, number and domain. You also have the option to define custom rules for HTTP responses and apply your own authentication settings.

What's New:

New Function:

The Sessions Darcy SEO Checker supports session actions. Darcy offers an additional option to save sessions after you have finished downloading. You can save a session and then reload it later using the History section. All URLs will be available and statistics are accessible for further analysis.
You can save the session by using the Job->Save Session menu option.

Filters for default requests
You can now add and edit predefined request filters. A new Add default... option has been added to the Edit -> Custom Rules-> Request Filters section. Pre-defined rules can also be added to the window that is provided by this option. Once the rules are added, the user has the option to edit the rules according to his requirements.

Get the latest features and updates:

Darcy requires Java 1.7 or newer to function as expected.
User actions added to the HTTP Details table. Clicking on a row in the Job Details panel's bottom will open a popup menu that provides options.
Section on the Updated History. A [simple_cross1] delete action was added to each item on the list. If the item is part of a saved session, there is a [session16x16] load session option.
The session statistics have been updated to add URLs to make it easier to identify.
For a more intuitive experience, update the toolbar
Look and Feel of the Updated Regular Expressions Editor
Redeployment of updated UI tables for faster display;
Update UI to include more icons;
Several Help pages have been updated.

We are not satisfied with the lack of reporting options for the free build. It's easy to use, flexible, and good for quick errors checks. If you love it, the Premium Version ($99/year) removes any restrictions and gives you 24/7 support.