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About Drupal 9.3.13 For PC

Drupal, a PHP-based flexible content management system (CMS) is free, open-source and freely available. Individuals use Drupal to manage blogs and large companies to manage business websites. Even the White House site, whitehouse.gov was converted to Drupal in late 2009.

Drupal's flexibility is the key to its success. Your site's pages can include many content types, including blog entries, news stories and polls. You also have the option to create a forum or static web content. You can add other content types to your site. You don't need to have any web design experience. Drupal has many themes you can use to customize the appearance of your website. There are also many other free options online.

Your site's capabilities can be further extended by adding custom modules. For example, do you require a larger thumbnail gallery? Private messaging systems WYSIWYG HTML editor and CAPTCHA option. Two-way video chat. You can find thousands of other modules, also free of charge, which are only a small selection of what they have to offer.

It's best to begin with a basic website if you are new to CMS. However, this will allow you to learn how the site works. Before you begin, spend some time looking through the sections and Drupal. The manuals will be helpful and can help you get started quickly.

Although Drupal is not an easy platform to use, it can be learned quickly. Once you are proficient in Drupal, you will have access to lots of templates and modules that allow you to build and maintain any kind of website you want.