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About EagleGet For PC

EagleGet, a free software download manager that makes it simple to get web videos and other content.

Although this type of tool is known for containing adware, and other similar add-ons, EagleGet can install itself at the moment. EagleGet integrates with IE and Chrome, intercepting any download links that you click. The authors also claim that EagleGet's multithreaded technology, which can speed up downloads by as much as 6x and help you to resume lost downloads if necessary.

You can download videos from most major sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion and Vimeo. EagleGet will automatically grab the clip you are interested in by simply locating it and clicking on it.

Perhaps you are at a website gallery or another page that allows you to download lots of content. Click on an empty area of the page and click "Download all Links with EagleGet". The program will display a complete list of links. You may find some duplicate content, however, if you search for MP3 or another keyword, you will only see links that match your query. Then you can click to get all the links you need.

EagleGet also monitors your clipboard. If you just copy and paste a link to a file, EagleGet will pop up and ask you to download it.

This final release seems to address the problems we noticed with previous betas. You can hover your cursor over YouTube videos to see a menu that shows every quality and format available. This gives you full control of what you download.

What's New in (See for More)

Optimized EG Extension for Chrome Logic optimization for duplicate downloads
- Optimized: UI Experience for Media Grabbers
- Optimized : Minor improvements and fixes
Media grabber Upgrade

A great download manager that offers many features and functions