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EmailTray 4.0 for PC

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CategoryInternet Tools
AuthorWeb CEO Ltd.
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About EmailTray 4.0 For PC

EmailTray addresses this issue by addressing the common problem of getting overwhelmed with your email inbox. Email can be an essential tool in everyday communication but it can also become a distraction. It is easy to waste too much time looking through your email inbox, even if there are no notifications about new messages arriving. You could use this time better, especially if the email that arrived was not important.

EmailTray allows you to manage your email inbox, and only receive the important messages. EmailTray can handle multiple accounts, including IMAP and POP3 ones. This allows you to view all your communications in one location. The most interesting feature is however the one that prioritizes. EmailTray analyzes the email you get and assigns priority to messages based on your past responses and other criteria.

The email is then divided into one or more sections. You can choose to be only notified of emails with the highest priority. It is possible to set up your own rules that will automatically assign a priority level and color or flag messages that are from particular people. This is an excellent way to manage your email inbox. It supports email backups and pulls in contact information from social networks profiles.

The app also has a paid version that offers additional features worth noting. First, the app can be secured with a password to ensure that your email inboxes are protected when your computer is not being used. The paid version supports signature. This allows you to set up multiple signatures that can be used with different email addresses and recipients. You can even sync signatures across devices.

EmailTray can take some time to get used to but, once you are trained and configured it could save you so much time and stress.