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About gPodder 3.10.16 For PC

gPodder, a Python-based podcast manager with a GTK interface is written in Python. It is able to tell it what podcasts you enjoy and it will sit in your system tray checking regularly for new updates. Whenever an update is available, gPodder automatically downloads it and makes it available for you to hear. You can either listen through gPodder, or you can transfer the file to another device, such as an iPhone, MP3 player or mobile phone.

You can change many of these options, including automatic downloading. Some ISPs limit daytime bandwidth. Also, you can control the audio and video players. RSS feeds or Atom feeds usually announce new podcasts. gPodder can subscribe to these feeds as well as Soundcloud feeds in order to be notified when they are released. You can also search for podcasts that are top-rated so you're able to browse and find new ones to subscrib to.

You can upload or download your subscription lists. This is useful if all of your podcasts are available from one place, such as at home.

gPodder adheres to the Unix principle of only doing one thing and doing it well. Although it doesn't make the best tea, it makes a great podcast manager.