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About Icaros 3.2.1 For PC

Icaros, a smart tool that allows Explorer to show thumbnails of videos and cover art embedded within audio files, is called Explorer.

It uses FFmpeg for thumbnail extraction. This means that it works with nearly any FFmpeg supported video type. Launching Icaros displays the current list of "thumbnail filetypes registered", which looked like ".mkv;.mk3d;.ogm;.ogv;.flv;.flac;.ape;.mpc;.mka;.avi" for us. If you wish to support another type of thumbnail, click on "Deactivate Icaros", then add a semicolon to the end and the extension, and click on "Activate Icaros". The thumbnails will now be visible.

Icaros works well enough that you don't need to be concerned about such low-level details. There are other options if you need to tweak the Icaros code.

A "thumbnail offset", which tells the program to locate the thumbnail in the file, is set by the program. This function can be used after 15 minutes or one-hour video.

Icaros can enable black/white frame detection to make sure Icaros checks for black or white thumbnails and, if necessary, looks for a solution.

We've already mentioned that the program has embedded cover art to create thumbnails. However, this feature is not enabled by default. To turn the program on, launch Icaros. Click Advanced.