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About iPhotoDraw 2.5 For PC

IPhotoDraw, a portable tool that allows you to annotate images quickly and easily is well designed.

Captions, arrows and lines can be added to images.

You can set fonts and styles for any object.

You can group objects or ungroup them, size, align, space, position and place them above/below each other.

Adding a lot more annotations can make it difficult, but iPhotoDraw will do its best to assist you. For easy restoration, you can save snapshots of the editing status - object + image + current setting of each tool. Unlike other programs, iPhotoDraw does not touch your original images. Instead, it saves its annotations separately in a file. You can export the final image as a BMP or JPG file, PNG file, GIF, GIF, TIF file, and PNG file.

Although it is not designed to edit images, iPhotoDraw offers basic editing tools: rotate, flip, brightness/ contrast, hue/ saturation, and brightness/ contrast.

An "Extended Toolbox", a useful feature that allows you to add a customized shape to your iPhotoDraw toolbox, is called the "Extended Toolbox". Set up a few callouts that you use regularly in one style and add them to your toolbox. They will be immediately accessible for future reference.

You will also find some unexpected bonus features such as a screen capture tool and the possibility to upload an image to FTP.

Version 2.5 (Build 66633), 2018-03-01

You can now draw lines in more shapes, such as trapezoid and parallelogram.
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There is still some room to improve IPhotoDraw. Double-clicking an object doesn't allow you to start typing text. You must first select the Text Properties box. Also, we would like to see more file formats support. Right now, it only supports the essential BMP and JPG and PNG. GIF, TIF, and TIF. A Search tab for the Help file is also a plus.

These details are minor compared with everything else the program does well: the large selection of annotations and their configuration, ease-of-use, and piles upon bonus features. iPhotoDraw has more features for annotations than the current image editor.