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MediaInfo Lite 22.03 for PC

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CategoryAudio, Video & Photo
AuthorAtak Snajpera
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About MediaInfo Lite 22.03 For PC

There are so many codec options to choose from that it's no surprise K-Lite codec packs have become so popular. You may not know the format of audio or video files you will receive from various sources. MediaInfo Lite is a tool you can use to find the right codec for you, and not just install every codec available.

You can use the program in either one or both of these ways. The program installs just like any other Windows application. However, it has context menu integration. The main program can be launched and you can then select the file that you want to learn more about. Or you may right-click on any audio or video file to open MediaInfo Lite.

No matter which route you choose, the end result will remain the same. A screen will appear with all the details regarding the file. This screen will include information about not only the format and name of the video but also the codec used in the encoding. It is useful if the file cannot be played and you want to just install the codec.

The tool is also useful for finding additional information on media files. The tool can provide information about the video resolution, audio bitrate and overall file size. The data can be displayed in an easy-to-read window. You can also export the information to text files so that you can reuse it in other applications without having to make any notes.

Version 0.7.99: For more information, see the full version.

It is a wonderful alternative to installing a large number of codecs if they are required.