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Pale Moon Commander 3.0.0 for PC

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About Pale Moon Commander 3.0.0 For PC

This browser extension is a great addition to any Mozilla browser. Although it was created by the developers of the browser for Windows (the tool is compatible with Firefox for Windows), many functions are also available in Firefox for Windows.

To open the Pale Moon Commander dialog, go to your browser's main menu and click Options. You will find six sections with available tweaks. Each tab lists the available tweaks. It is similar to Firefox's Options dialog.

You can enable and disable various tools for developers (aswell as the inline pdf viewer) by going to Other > Tools. You might like to enable the HTTP Pipelining tweaks which may increase page loading times. Do so via Network > Pipelining. Increase the number of HTTP connections to each server by using Network > HTTP and enable JIT profiling through Performance > JavaScript.

You can also check the User Interface section. This section allows you to tweak tabs and the Windows 7/8 Jump List feature. The General section lets you change how your browser displays URLs. You haven't added the padlock to your browser that marks a secured site. You can find it at Security > Padlock, where you can get it back and choose the location. For additional emphasis, add border shading.

Some of these tweaks can only be used in Pale Moon. You cannot enable them in any other Mozilla versions. You can also find the reset button in Other > Reset if you want to undo the changes made with Pale Moon Commander. It will reset your browser preferences and defaults.

While there are many similar add-ons available - such as cross-platform - Pale Moon Commander's interface is unique and offers a wide range of customizations that make it worth a closer inspection.

What is new with 3.0.0?

Obsolete preferences were removed. Added WebGL preferences
Preferences for a network add-on predictor
WASM Preferences -
TLS 1.3: New cipher suites

Advanced users will appreciate this option, as they no longer have to type in about:config for specific changes.