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Pixopedia XE64 2020.07 for PC

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CategoryAudio, Video & Photo
AuthorSigmaPi Design
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About Pixopedia XE64 2020.07 For PC

Pixopedia 2014, an extremely powerful but completely free image editor, drawing, and painting tool is available.

It doesn't make a good impression. The program has small buttons with cryptic icons. There is no help, you have to download an incomplete PDF and it's outdated. No menus are available and there's little interest in Windows conventions.

Learning a few tricks can make your life much simpler. For example, press [F1] to open a menu for the current-selected toolbar option. This default displays 26 Drawing Modes: Scaled and Erase, Normal, Scaled and Erase, XOR, minMax, and many others. You can click on any one of the options to display its associated options. To see their effect, you just need to drag and click.

The left-hand menu bar (with its toolbar visible) contains many more useful tools. There are many ways to "paint", including with clipart objects such as flowers, butterflies and marbles; you can apply 20 configurable warp modes (Explode Waves Splash Twirl, Waves and Splash), twist colours and set symmetrical drawing modes.

The "Image Tools" button is located to the right. This will allow you access to basic image manipulations such as flipping, rotating, rotation, resizing, and other automatic enhancements.

Basic? Basic? It also includes 20 examples (mostly very high quality) from companies like Richard Rosenman and Redfield.

The feature set continues with multiple selection modes, various shape drawing options, configurable text tools, and the best-designed brush collection we have ever seen for any tool free or commercial.

Pixopedia's interface can be confusing and annoying, even though you have read the manual. Click the Help icon to follow the link. Focusing on one area of the program is the best way to get results quickly. Pixopedia's image-warping tools and the bundled Photoshop plugins alone are likely enough to warrant installing it.