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About QuickSnip For PC

There are many options to save what you see on your screen as an image. For those times when multiple images are required, you can hit the Print Screen key and copy the screen content to the clipboard.

Instead, you could use Windows' built-in Snipping Tool – or Snip & Sketch now. Although this tool is more powerful, it can also be cumbersome to use. To get the best out of it, you will need to know the right keyboard shortcuts. You should also keep a running background program handy in case you have to use any of the many alternatives.

QuickSnip is a different application. QuickSnip is a mobile app and only one executable file. The app launches immediately and you can draw a rectangle on the screen to mark the location you want to capture. Instantly, the capture is saved as a PNG file in your Pictures folder's Snips subdirectory.

You don't have any options, and there aren't keyboard shortcuts. The software is lightweight and quick, so it doesn't take up any resources when you aren't using it. The best way to use the program is to save it to a folder and pin it to your desktop or taskbar. Screengrabbing can be done in a matter of seconds by placing the shortcut on the taskbar. This is great for those times when screengrabbing is necessary.

QuickSnip is simple, which can be both a blessing as well as a curse. Although it is extremely fast to take screenshots, some may find the lack of options or an interface to be confusing. This app is all about convenience and speed. It is impossible to find an app that can do a screengrab faster than this one!