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AuthorAtek, Inc.
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About Sizester For PC

It is not surprising that your digital camera can take photos at high resolutions. However, when it comes time to send these images to friends or family via social media, the size of the files must be reduced. You can resize photos using many tools, including dedicated resizing apps and all-round image editors.

Sizester is a good example of this category, as it was designed to resize images. This tool isn't the right one if you want to create special effects on your photos. However, for sharing and resizing images, Sizester has everything you need. The app is easy to use, as you can control most options by simply moving two sliders.

Dimensions and quality are two of the most important characteristics for images. The first slider can be used to select a different size. However, you also have the option of entering your desired width and height or using percentages for rescaling. The second slider allows you to select the quality of the image you want to use. Also, the file size will be displayed to show you the impact the changes have had.

Sizester can be used to send your photos via email or upload to any of the many social media networks if you're happy with what you see in the preview window. You can integrate support for Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. It's a time-saving tool, but it comes with a high price. Although it may seem simple, it does the job well and it is very quick.

It is easy to share and resize images. All you have to do is click a few buttons.