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About VarieDrop (64-bit) For PC

VarieDrop, an innovative tool that allows you to easily resize multiple images at once, is very useful.

You can define as many "drag-and-drop areas" as you like, each with its own output settings. Format (BMP. PNG. JPEG. GIF. TIFF. JPEG quality. JPEG target dimensions. String to be added to file names (_800x600). Output folder. After you have set up the program according to your requirements, select your desired images and drag them into that area. They will be converted and resized as needed.

You can also add a fifth drag and drop area to combine all the other results. This fifth "drag and drop" area can be used to generate the four main sizes, such as 320x200 and 640x480 images.

VarieDrop isn't as powerful and flexible as the best batch processing software. VarieDrop can't do advanced things like rotate images or add watermarks to them. It is possible to convert and resize images using drag and drop. This program may be worth looking if you have simple batch processing requirements.

Although it is a bit slow in image processing, VarieDrop's drag and drop interface makes batch resizing and conversions of your images very simple.