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About Video Thumbnails Maker For PC

Video Thumbnails Maker can quickly generate thumbnail preview images for your videos.

The basics of usage are very easy. Simply point the program to the video you want to catalog, or to a folder of videos. If the file is compatible with Windows Media Player, click on Start. Video Thumbnails Maker then will begin to work. You can just relax and enjoy the results.

Once it is done, JPG files will be created with names that match the input videos. So MyMovie.avi.jpg will also appear. Double-clicking on any one of these images will show you a thumbnail grid (5x4) of the movies. If the video is longer than 10 minutes, the program will extract one frame per 30 seconds and display the timestamp. This allows you to see the general contents of a movie by simply looking at the thumbnails.

These default settings don't quite suit your needs? Click Options. To change the size of the grid, adjust their sizes, or switch to "Special Matrix", a layout that allows one thumbnail to be larger than others, click Options. The time at which thumbnailing starts can be set. The summary information displayed for each video can be customized to include its file name, resolution, size and length. You can also control the fonts, colors, opacity and backgrounds.

WebM animations and APNG animations can be made. Each thumbnail (or one you choose) will contain a portion of the original source movie. Although it looks great, this is not an easy way to find the exact section that you want (since there's no preview and the animation's duration is only in complete seconds).

While the program is free to use, PayPal donations will give you many benefits. These include a quicker rendering engine and no splash screen for your thumbnails. You can find more information on the and.

Version includes ():

VTM has introduced WebP, the third type of animation. The WebP format works best for home usage because it has VTX capabilities and small file sizes. It also offers great quality animations, with up to 10 second duration. It can be fully supported by SUU Design software.

New: Environment window now includes WebM/APNG/WebP selector. More info in tooltip pop-up windows.

It is a fast, configurable thumbnailer. You can use it for simple tasks. However, if you wish to do more, you will find many options and settings.