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VLC Media Player Nightly 4 build 20190410 for PC

VLC Media Player Nightly 4 build 20190410 Details

CategoryAudio, Video & Photo
AuthorVideoLAN (Nightlies)


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About VLC Media Player Nightly 4 build 20190410 For PC

Video is a strange old thing. It's not enough that there is no standard for playback video. The situation is further complicated by the fact that video can be divided into two parts. One is the container in which the file is stored, identified by three-letter extensions such as MOV, WMV, or VOB. Two are the codecs used to render it. It's confusing because you may be able to get one MP4 file on your computer but not the other due to different codecs.

This can be very confusing and lead to a flood of media players being installed on your computer to allow you to view video from many different sources. It can be very annoying. There are many media players that can play all kinds of video. One of them is free and open-source. VideoLAN is the magic bullet that can play video.

VLC Media Player, like most great apps, is always in development. You can install this preview build to get an early look at the next version. We recommend that you use it instead of the stable one.

VLC Media Player Nightly is why you would want it. You might have found a bug that needs to be fixed and you want to check if the fix is available. This build may be the best you have tried, but you might find it more difficult to use as there are more bugs still being discovered through testing.

Even if you have a backup, it is difficult to recommend the Nightly build to anyone but the most experienced users. For starters it will overwrite the stable version. If things go wrong you can remove it and then reinstall your working copy.

Also, you will need to manually download the most recent build - the download links below will take you to the correct page. Follow the steps to obtain the nightly build. These links work for Windows 32-bit, Mac Intel (Intel), and Linux. There are links to older versions.

If that isn't enough to put you off, here are some warnings from VideoLAN Team: "WARNING! The Nightly Builds Are Unstable and May Not Work at All." It is not supported by the VideoLAN Team.

It's impossible to say that you were not warned.

VLC Media Player, an indispensable tool for any videophiles library is recommended. However, this Nightly unstable build is not recommended except in exceptional circumstances.