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VueScan 9.7.84 for PC

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AuthorHamrick Software
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About VueScan 9.7.84 For PC

It is amazing to see how fast manufacturers drop support for old hardware devices. Scanners are a prime example of this. Although the gradual transition from 32-to 64-bit computing is likely to make scanners less serviceable, there might still be an option for you to use your older machine - but at a price.

VueScan can be used with almost every computer, including Mac, Linux and Windows 10 versions. VueScan supports over 1,500 flatbed scanners and film scanners. It allows you to keep your old scanner, even if the manufacturer is trying to make it stop working.

The interface is very simple, using a wizard-based scanning approach for beginners and an advanced button for more experienced users. Even if you have a scanner that supports Windows, the results can be impressive. The output formats are JPEG and TIF. You also have OCR capabilities to extract text from the scanned images. English is included by default. Download other languages from here. VueScan will also send your scan to your printer. This effectively turns your old equipment into an efficient photocopying machine.

Although the trial version works as intended, watermarks will be placed on any scans. You'll need to purchase it in order to get maximum benefit. The Standard Edition costs US$40 and the Professional Edition is US$80.

Version 9 offers both 32-bit and 64-bit versions and is faster and responsive than the previous versions. It has been redesigned to be easier to use. The scanner preview is now smaller and can be copied to a USB flash drive to run as a portable program.

This is a must-have purchase in case your scanner stops working on your computer or the manufacturer no longer supports it.