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About Wave Editor For PC

Wave Editor, a basic audio editor that is easy to use and speedy, is called Wave Editor.

Although the interface is dated, it works exactly like you would expect. You can open an audio file and it will be displayed in a waveform. The mouse wheel is used to zoom in and out. To select one area, you can click and drag.

You can save, delete, copy, paste, or cut selected areas into another file. This works exactly as you would expect.

You can do a few basic operations on your file, including insert silence, normallization, reverse and invert.

This program can only open MP3, WAV, and WMA files. The program can convert MP3 files to WMA and WAV, but it cannot write to MP3 or WMA.

The Tools menu includes more sophisticated features such as "Audio Converter" or "BPM and Key detector", however these extras are only available to commercial customers. To learn more, click on one of the links.

Wave Editor doesn't have any standout features, but it does provide the essentials you require and an interface that is easy to use.