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WaveShop 1.0.14 (64-bit) for PC

WaveShop 1.0.14 (64-bit) Details

CategoryAudio, Video & Photo
AuthorChris Korda
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About WaveShop 1.0.14 (64-bit) For PC

WaveShop is an open-source, free audio editor. WaveShop is bit-perfect which means that it minimizes the number of audio file modifications. You can edit a small portion of an intro and all other audio files will not be affected.

This program can read and write many file types including MP3, MP2, AIFF, AVR and CAFF.

You'll see a familiar waveform display when you open your file. The keyboard and mouse can zoom in fast, you can select the desired section, copy it, or paste it somewhere else. You can also use the Audio menu to apply effects to your selected sample.

Audio can be amplified, faded in, or scanned for audio clippings. The "Change Format” option allows you to adjust the sample rate and size, as well as the number of channels. You can use the Reverse or Invert tool to get basic Peak and RMS statistics. There is also a variety of other ways you can work with channels. For example, you can add, remove, or modify them; convert mono files to channels; and even alter surround sound audio in order to determine which speaker is being assigned each channel.

WaveShop author doesn't make it complicated. He has only focused on the basics. We are fine with that. Although the interface is not flashy, there aren't many toolbars that have hi-res icons. However, we do get some other features, such as the Help file and smart memory management, which makes editing extremely quick. WaveShop works well for us and is an easy to use audio editor.

WaveShop 64 bit version.

Version 1.0.14 resolves a playback problem

An easy and fast audio editor that minimizes sound quality loss.