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WebSite-Watcher 2022 v22.1 for PC

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CategoryInternet Tools
AuthorAignesberger Software GmbH
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About WebSite-Watcher 2022 v22.1 For PC

There are likely websites that you check daily for updates. The most prominent example being news sites. However, there may be many others you check only occasionally. You may not check your blog or company website often enough to see the latest updates.

WebSite-Watcher is here to help. WebSite-Watcher is a handy tool that monitors websites and alerts you when something has changed. It eliminates the need for you to manually check a website only to find nothing.

WebSite-Watcher's concept is simple, yet it is very effective. Although there are many ways to receive updates from sites such as RSS feeds or newsletters, these won't necessarily notify you of all site changes. The software allows you to quickly see when a website changes its appearance or the price for a specific item.

WebSite-Watcher offers many options. You can look out for keywords on websites and other information. If you're waiting for a price drop to occur, WebSite-Watcher can be used to look for keywords like "sale" and "black Friday". This is a good way to be notified when an item that's out of stock becomes available again. Not all sites offer this notification.

The free trial version is well worth a try. Although there are some limitations, such as the limited ability to monitor AutoWatch functions on up to 3 sites at a time, you might find it sufficient for your requirements. Even if that is the case it can be used as an introduction to more sophisticated and richly-featured Basic, Personal, and Business editions. They are extremely affordable should you choose to make the leap.

You can also save the app to your USB drive so that you have it handy when you travel and receive updates.

Although it is disappointing that the tool does not have a native Mac and Linux version, this tool is great for Windows users as well as Android or iOS users. WebSite-Watcher requires that you have client software installed on your computer in order for it to work. It would be great to see WebSite-Watcher as a cloud-based service that can send notifications to all computers, regardless of their computer's status. This is an insignificant complaint regarding a wonderful piece of software which solves a problem.