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WinFF 1.5.4 for PC

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CategoryAudio, Video & Photo
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About WinFF 1.5.4 For PC

WinFF, a graphical interface for the free video converter, FFmpeg. It aims to convert your movie clips to one format.

The program is very similar to other programs. The program can be used to add video in almost any format. There are many output profiles available: Audio, AVI and Blackberry. Each preset can be used to set the resolution, aspect ratio and codec of your video.

You can click the "Options” button to access additional tabs that allow you to more precisely define what you require. The video can be set at a frame rate of up to 30 frames per second, and resolution. You can also adjust the volume, audio bitrate and sample rate.

The real power lies in WinFF's direct linking to FFmpeg. If you wish to create a preset or add support for other FFmpeg features, you will probably be able to do this.

Of course, this is not for beginners. For example, this preset is easier than many.

You might be able to look at it if you are familiar with video. WinFF might be the right tool for you if you require more flexibility in video conversion than what you get with the existing tools.

Although the WinFF core program doesn't have a lot of power or is easy to use it can be customized (though this could take some time).