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XMPlay 3.8.4 for PC

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About XMPlay 3.8.4 For PC

XMPlay, a small audio player that packs a lot of features in a tiny package, is a clever and useful one.

You can play many audio formats such as OGG, MP3, M2, MP1, WMA and WAV. Other options include CDA, MO3, IT and XM.

This works exactly as you would expect. Do you want to open a large folder? Drag and drop files onto XMPlay. Playback must be stopped halfway through. Close XMPlay. It will remember your playlist, and continue where you left off the next time the program starts.

You can stream audio via FTP, HTTP or both (Shoutcast Icecast Icecast2). It can scan FTP or HTTP directories more casually to find playable files. You can also make local copies of streaming content.

XMPlay offers a 9-band equalizer and reverb control to adjust the audio for you if it is not up to standard. You can save your favorite tracks to the program's library for later reference. You can download several skins to try and have built-in visualization. If you are unhappy with how XMPlay functions, you may be able to change that via the very detailed Settings dialog.

Version 3.8.4 includes ():

This is a capable player that can play audio and has a lot of features. You also have the option to add powerful plugins to enhance your experience.