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Your Tube for Windows 8 v1.0.0.6 for PC

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About Your Tube for Windows 8 v1.0.0.6 For PC

It is possible to wonder why YouTube requires an app, when the website has worked well and thrived for years without an app. The rise in popularity of smartphones can be attributed to the increased use of apps that only have one function. With touchscreen devices increasingly common, there is a clear place for apps like Your Tube.

Since long ago, there have been YouTube apps specifically for Android and iOS. It should not surprise then that one is available for Windows. The standard YouTube interface is stripped down by Your Tube, which makes it great for tablets as well as traditional computers.

The app launches with featured videos. However, there is also a drop-down menu that can be combined with the search box to find something you are looking for.

Although searches can be restricted to specific categories, such as music, news or movies -- the quality of these search results is dependent upon how well uploaders categorize and tag videos appropriately. You can click on any video, regardless of whether you're searching for specific categories.

This app acts as a skin to the YouTube website in many ways. Although there aren't many new options or features, this doesn't necessarily make it a bad app. You Tube is very straightforward and allows you to concentrate on what you are watching.

This alternative is simpler than YouTube and helps reduce distractions.